Research Experience


Research Biostatistician I

Weill Cornell Medicine

Aug 2018 – Present New York, NY


  • Assisting researchers with study design and data collection
  • Managing and querying databases
  • Model fitting and testing
  • Visualizing data and analysis results
  • Writing methods and results sections for manuscripts

Current collaborations:

Additional roles:

  • Teaching Assistant for WCM’s Biostatistics and Data Science MS courses:

    • Data Science I
    • Biostatistics II
    • Causal Inference
  • Contributor to WCM Biostatistics Computing Club


Graduate Student Research Assistant

University of Michigan

Sep 2016 – Apr 2018 Ann Arbor, Michigan

Dr. Peter Song’s Biostatistics Lab

  • Set up, maintained, and descriptively analyzed a national database on air pollution and renal failure incidence at the U.S. county level in preparation for a longitudinal geospatial association study.

Dr. Jeffrey Kidd’s Computational Biology Lab

  • Executed and evaluated methods for detecting chromosomal inversions in the dog genome e.g. pooled clone sequencing abnormalities, SNP linkage disequilibrium decay irregularities, and principal component analysis.

Dr. Monica Dus’ Neuroscience and Epigenetics Lab

  • Created pipelines in R for neuroscience researchers to clean, summarize, and create visualizations of their large data sets of Drosophila feeding behaviors and neuronal imaging patterns.

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